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CUBIC is the speciality coffee hub in Brisbane's legal precinct. If you are looking for a consistently great coffee offer, CUBIC is the go-to place.  


Our house blend packs a punch and was chosen for its ability to cut through milk! It is syrupy and round, with distinct flavours of dark chocolate and caramel.

We source our single origin coffees from local and interstate coffee roasters. We usually brew two batch brews from different origins each day and also usually offer two single-origin espressos in addition to our house blend. We also offer pour overs (v60 or clever dripper) after 11:30AM.


Check out our special's board to find out what's on offer or ask the team.

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COLD BREWING PROCESS - The ground coffee is steeped for 12-24 hours to make a concentrate. This process enables the coffee to be less bitter and acidic. Similarily to beer, a good tasting brew needs good quality water. We exclusively brew our coffee in high-quality filtered water. The resulting beverage is then filtered to remove any impurities and remaining coffee grounds. The final step is kegging and cooling the brew prior to serving on tap. We rotate through single origins for our cold brews. 

NITRO COFFEE - Nitrogen is a colourless and odourless gas that is often used in porters and stout beers (think Guinness) to give the drink its creamy and thick texture.  Not only does nitrogen gas change the texture of cold brew coffee, but it also reduces its bitterness and acidity further.  If you prefer milky beverages, nitro is a great option. Our nitro coffee is usually produced using our house blend.

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