Welcome to C U B I C

CUBIC is a blend of design, photography, branding, food and a lot of coffee.


The cafe on 420 George street was originally a hole in the wall style espresso bar. Our design approach was to create several 'zones' within the store and give the space additional depth. The concrete features are balanced out by oak and hanging greens. 


CUBIC is a contemporary and vibrant hub, where locals can come and enjoy speciality coffee and great tasting food on the go. The vision for this location is to set the standard for espresso bars in Brisbane. 

Special thanks to Christopher Borowski & Dan Hoffman, Hotel Gelato / Shawn Palmer, Rufino /  Steven Syvret, Char Char Bull / Trevor Maskell, Le Cordon Bleu /  Frank Cecere, Facico Group for inspiring me along the hospitality journey.

Richard B