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Toasted with butter

Toasted with butter

Toasted with butter, with your choice of vegemite, jam or nutella

Ham & American red cheddar cheese

Seasoned smashed avocado served on toasted sourdough slice

Fried egg, streaky maple bacon, tomato chutney, mayonnaise & cheese on sesame brioche bun

Cheddar, manchego, caramelised onions, hot chilli peppers, horseradish mayo, rye sourdough

Jamon serrano, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, spinach, gorgonzola, quinoa & seeds sourdough

Mortadella, bacon, Adelaide hills brie, Lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard

Yoghurt, GF muesli, Seasonal fruits, Berries, Honey, House rhubarb coulis